Using Oracle Key Vault

Course ID: D88454

Duration: 1 Day

Course Summary

In the Using Oracle Key Vault course, you learn how to install, configure, and maintain Oracle Key Vault which is a robust, modern, scalable management platform to centralize encryption keys, Oracle wallets, and Java keystores.

Learn To:

  • Install, configure and maintain Oracle Key Vault.
  • Enroll endpoints.
  • Setup a column and tablespace encrypted test case.
  • Upload and download wallets.
  • Use the TDE direct connection.
  • Perform periodic tasks.

Benefits To You

Security threats and increased regulation of personally identifiable information, payment card data, healthcare records, and other sensitive information have expanded the use of encryption in the data center. As the number of encrypted servers multiplies, encryption keys, Oracle wallets, Java keystores proliferate. As a result, management of encryption keys, certificates, Oracle wallets, Java keystores and other secrets has become a vital part of the data center ecosystem, impacting both security and business continuity. Oracle Key Vault is a central, secure key management platform that helps facilitate the deployment of encryption across the enterprise.



  • Database Administrators
  • System Administrator
  • Support Engineer
  • Security Administrators
  • Security Compliance Auditors

Course Certifications

Required Exam


  • Working knowledge of SQL
  • Applying TDE for column and tablespace encryption
  • Oracle Database 12c: Security

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Overview of Oracle's Encryption solution


  • Upload and download Oracle Wallets
  • Use TDE direct connection to Oracle Database 12c
  • Perform day-to-day administrative functions
  • Enroll and provision endpoints
  • Install and configure Oracle Key Vault


Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Installing Oracle Key Vault

Module 3: Working with Endpoints

Module 4: Managing Oracle Wallets

Module 5: Using Direct TDE with Oracle Database 12c

Module 6: Performing Oracle Key Vault Administrative Tasks

What's Next

  • Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall: Install & Configure
  • Using Oracle Database Vault with Oracle Database 12c


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