SysAdmin 4.1

Course ID: SysAdmin 4.1 2 Days Singapore

SysAdmin 4.1


Instructs Network Operators and System Administrators for deploying A10 ACOS devices in data center environments in preparation for additional application-oriented implementation. Provides the necessary foundation for teams continuing onto ACOS application courses.



  • Network Operations
  • Development Operations
  • Network Security
  • Students preparing for Application Courses


A10 Accredited Specialist SysAdmin


System Administration 4.1 exam


Instructor-led / Virtual Instructor-led

Singapore: USD2,600


  • OSI reference model
  • Network topology and administration
  • An industry standard switching and routing CLI


From a set of three blank ACOS devices, students build a system deployment with these attributes:

  • Layer 2 – 3 environment including VLANs, and IP routing
  • Device cluster environment with a single management point
  • High availability with multiple active devices
  • Multi-tenant environment with limited-scope administration
  • Remote authentication and authorization


Module 1: Initial ACOS Configuration

  • Base system configuration through the CLI and GUI
  • Backup and restore
  • System upgrade
  • Configuration profiles

Module 2: Centralized Configuration Management: aVCS

  • Clustering devices into a centralized chassis
  • aVCS topology: vMaster and vBlade devices
  • vMaster election and maintenance
  • Staggered aVCS upgrade

Module 3: High Availability: VRRP-A

  • Active-Standby mode and failover
  • N+M deployments
  • Active device selection

Module 4: Application Delivery Partitions (ADP)

  • Layer 3 Virtualization Partitions (L3V)
  • Shared and private partitions
  • Public and private objects

Module 5: Role-based Administration

  • Admin account creation through the CLI and GUI
  • Assigning privileges, passwords, and access rights
  • Roles: predefined and user-defined
  • Session management

Module 6: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting

  • Using AAA servers to manage device and command access
  • Account and command tracking

Module 7: Control Plane Logging

  • ACOS logging
  • External logging and emailing events
  • Events and thresholds

Module 8: SNMP

  • Monitoring ACOS devices remotely
  • A10 MIBs
  • Configuring Traps
  • OID discovery

Module 9: aXAPI Overview

  • aXAPI architecture and session flow
  • API methods

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