Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Administration 5.0

////Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Administration 5.0

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Administration 5.0

Course ID: NECPA5.0 4 Days

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Administration 5.0


The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform Administration program covers all the tasks that Nutanix administrators perform on the job. Beginning with setting up the environment, it walks the participant through the process of configuring and maintaining that environment.

After introducing the basic concepts of the Enterprise Cloud Platform, participants will understand how to rack a Nutanix block, install and configure a cluster, and use different interfaces to manage a cluster.

The program then delves into the details of managing VMs in Acropolis, monitoring cluster health and performance, protecting data and optimizing cluster capacity, and performining in-place hypervisor conversion. Various failure scenarios in datacenters are presented and participants will learn how to implement strategies to safeguard their data.

Participants will also understand how to use Nutanix’s Prism interface to monitor and manage multiple activities across clusters, review and analyze resource needs, and assess future resource requirements.

The program also covers basic Nutanix troubleshooting tools, including how to solve common problems and when to escalate to Nutanix support. Finally, participants will learn essential lifecycle operations, covering starting and stopping a cluster, shutting down nodes, expanding a cluster, upgrading the Acropolis software and firmware, and maintaining licensing.



Primary audience: IT administrators, architects, and business leaders who need to manage Nutanix clusters in the datacenter. Anyone seeking baseline
preparation for the Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP) certifcation.

Secondary audience: Managers and technical staff seeking more detailed information before making a purchase decision.


NPP: Nutanix Platform Professional


Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP) certification exam


Instructor-led / Virtual Instructor-led

Singapore: USD3,400
Malaysia: RM 15,000
Thailand: THB95,000
Vietnam: VND69,000,000


  • Familiarity with traditional virtualization storage architectures.
  • Comfort with Unix/Linux command line interface.


During this program, attendees will:

  • Develop a working knowledge of the Nutanix product family.
  • Understand the requirements and considerations involved in setting up a Nutanix cluster.
  • Familiarize themselves with cluster management and monitoring via the Prism web console.
  • Learn how to create, manage, and migrate VMs, set up data protection services, and plan for business continuity.
  • Understand how to plan and handle upgrades, assess future requirements, and create what-if scenarios to address scaling for business needs.


Module 1: Introduction to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform

Module 2: Administering the Nutanix Cluster

Module 3: Configuring the Nutanix Cluster

Module 4: User Interfaces

Module 5: Health Monitoring and Alerts

Module 6: Cluster Architecture

Module 7: Cluster Maintenance

Module 8: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Module 9: Networking

Module 10: VM Management

Module 11: Distributed Storage Fabric

Module 12: AHV Workload Migration

Module 13: Services

Module 14: Business Continuity

Module 15: Data Protection

Module 16: Prism Central

Module 17: Concluding the Installation

Module 18: Lifecycle Operations

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