MySQL Cluster

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MySQL Cluster

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This MySQL Cluster training teaches you how to install and configure a real-time database cluster at the core of your application. Expert instructors will teach you how to design and maintain your clusters for high availability and scalability by using MySQL Cluster’s open-source and enterprise components.

Learn To:

  • Install and configure MySQL Cluster nodes.
  • Design simple and advanced cluster topologies.
  • Secure cluster nodes and data.
  • Backup and restore cluster data.
  • Troubleshoot common cluster problems.
  • Monitor and optimize cluster performance.
  • Use enterprise tools to manage large cluster deployments.

Benefits to You

After taking this course, you will be able to evaluate MySQL Cluster in your application, and design a secure cluster topology to provide scalability and high availability. You will have developed the knowledge and skills to monitor and optimize the performance of your existing clusters and troubleshoot any problems that arise. You’ll also be able to replicate between clusters that are separated by function or geography.

Participate in Hands-on, Interactive Labs

In addition to benefiting from interactive instruction, you’ll also get a chance to create and configure several different clusters through hands-on exercises. You’ll start by creating simple clusters manually, or with the MySQL Cluster Auto Installer. You will then create multiple clusters that are separated by a firewall, as well as clusters that use replication. These hands-on exercises will help you troubleshoot common problems and examine and optimize the performance of the cluster.

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  • Application Developers
  • Database Administrators
  • System Administrator
  • Database Designers
  • Support Engineer
  • Technical Consultant
  • Technical Administrator
  • Web Administrator

Course Certifications

Required Exam


  • Must have a working knowledge of database concepts
  • Must have a working knowledge of UNIX/Linux command-prompt usage
  • Must have a basic knowledge of computer networking

Suggested Prerequisites:

  • Linux administration skills
  • MySQL server configuration and usage
  • Familiarity with VirtualBox


  • Identify and correct common cluster problems
  • Describe common cluster use cases
  • Configure replication between MySQL Clusters
  • Describe MySQL Cluster operation in virtualized and Cloud environments
  • Explain the concepts associated with MySQL Cluster
  • Describe the MySQL Cluster architecture
  • List features of the NDB Storage engine
  • Describe MySQL Cluster design considerations
  • Install MySQL Cluster
  • Configure a basic MySQL Cluster
  • Perform backup and recovery operations
  • Secure a MySQL Cluster
  • Maintain a MySQL Cluster by using the Management console and MySQL Cluster Manager
  • Monitor and improve performance on a MySQL Cluster


Module 1: Introduction to MySQL Cluster

Module 2: Installing MySQL Cluster

Module 3: MySQL Cluster Architecture

Module 4: Configuring MySQL Cluster

Module 5: Designing a MySQL Cluster

Module 6: Maintaining a MySQL Cluster

Module 7: Securing MySQL Cluster

Module 8: MySQL Cluster Manager

Module 9: Replicating Between MySQL Clusters

Module 10: Monitoring MySQL Cluster

Module 11: Troubleshooting MySQL Cluster Problems

Module 12: Optimizing MySQL Cluster Performance

Module 13: MySQL Cluster Environments

Module 14: Conclusion

What’s Next

  • MySQL Performance Tuning
  • MySQL Performance Tuning Ed 3

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