Microsoft Excel Advanced level

Microsoft Excel Advanced level

Course ID: MSO-EXA 2 Days

Microsoft Excel Advanced level


At the end of this course, participants would be able to:

  • Know the various “Complex” functions that Excel can perform to “Automate” some tasks
  • Apply higher end of data management functions






Instructor-led / Virtual Instructor-led

Malaysia: Upon Request


  • Familiar with Microsoft Windows and Excel Basic


  • Know the various “Complex” functions that Excel can perform to “Automate” some task
  • Apply higher end of data management functions


Module 1: Putting Formulas to Work

  • Enter an absolute Address
  • Work with Names and Rages
  • Create a Decision-Making Conditional Formula with the IF Function
  • Create a Formula with a Nested Function
  • Find an Entry in a LookUp Table
  • Protect Files

Module 2: Array Calculation

  • Create an Array Formula
  • Edit an Array Formula
  • Link Information using an Array

Module 3: Analyzing Data

  • Use Scenario Manager to Analyze Data
  • Create a Summary using the Scenario Manager
  • Merge Scenarios
  • Use Goal Seek
  • Use Data Tables

Module 4: Worksheet Linking and File Linking

  • Open and Tile Windows
  • Write a Formula that links one Workbook to another
  • Make Changes to a Linked File
  • Manage links

Module 5: Data Consolidation

  • Work with Multiple Worksheet
  • Format Worksheet in a Group Mode
  • Understand Data Consolidation
  • Consolidate Your Files

Module 6: Auditing Worksheet

  • View Worksheet Formulas
  • Track the Flow of Data and Formulas
  • Audit Your Table
  • Monitor Cells with a Watch Window

Module 7: Database Management

  • Create Table
  • Compare Workbook Side-by-Side
  • Sort a Database
  • Apply Autofilter
  • Insert Subtotaling
  • View with Outlining
  • Use Advanced Filters
  • Filter with Slicers

Module 8: Customized Reports with PIVOT Table

  • Create a Pivot Table
  • Add and Remove a Field in a Pivot Table
  • Update a Pivot Table
  • Hide and Show details
  • Change Summary Functions

Module 9: Data Validation

  • Limit Data Type and Acceptable Values
  • Create a List of Acceptable Values
  • Specify an Input Message
  • Choose an Error Alert Style

Module 10: Make a MACRO do Simple Tasks

  • Record a Macro
  • Run a Macros

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