Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

////Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

Course ID: AZ-300 5 Days

Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies


Master the skills needed to design solutions that run on Azure. A Microsoft Azure solution architect must have expertise in compute, network, storage, and security.



Candidates for this exam are Azure Solution Architects who advise stakeholders and translates business requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable solutions.


Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert




Instructor-led / Virtual Instructor-led

Singapore: SGD3,250


  • Candidates should have advanced experience and knowledge across various aspects of IT operations, including networking, virtualization, identity, security, business continuity, disaster recovery, data management, budgeting, and governance. This role requires managing how decisions in each area affects an overall solution.
  • Candidates must be proficient in Azure administration, Azure development, and DevOps, and have expert-level skills in at least one of those domains.



AZ-300T01: Deploying and Configuring Infrastructure

  • Module 1: Managing Azure Subscriptions and Resources
  • Module 2: Implementing and Managing Storage
  • Module 3: Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines (VMs)
  • Module 4: Configuring and Managing Virtual Networks
  • Module 5: Managing Identities

AZ-300T02: Implementing Workloads and Security

  • Module 1: Evaluating and Performing Server Migration to Azure
  • Module 2: Implementing and Managing Application Services
  • Module 3: Implementing Advanced Virtual Networking
  • Module 4: Securing Identities

AZ-300T03: Understanding Cloud Architect Technology Solutions

  • Module 1: Selecting Compute and Storage Solutions
  • Module 2: Hybrid Networking
  • Module 3: Measuring Throughput and Structure of Data Access

AZ-300T04: Creating and Deploying Apps

  • Module 1: Creating Web Applications using PaaS
  • Module 2: Creating Apps and Services Running on Service Fabric
  • Module 3: Using Azure Kubernetes Service This module focuses on the Azure

AZ-300T05: Implementing Authentication and Secure Data

  • Module 1: Implementing Authentication Topics for this module
  • Module 2: Implementing Secure Data

AZ-300T06: Developing for the Cloud

  • Module 1: Developing Long-Running Tasks and Distributed Transactions
  • Module 2: Configuring a Message-Based Integration Architecture
  • Module 3: Developing for Asynchronous Processing
  • Module 4: Developing for Autoscaling
  • Module 5: Developing Azure Cognitive Services Solutions

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