CSX Specialist: Protect

CSX Specialist: Protect

Course ID: CSXSP 5 Days

CSX Specialist: Protect


This week-long course will help students gain an intermediate-level understanding of the concepts, skill and tools required to establish, maintain, and develop a holistic protection policy for the networks under their responsibility. They will learn network protection techniques, such as Intrusion Detection System (IDS) implementation and firewall rule configuration, and how to use specific tools in protecting a network.

The Protect domain teaches students to implement proper cyber security controls in order to protect systems and networks. The tasks in the Protect domain are the key to planning, coordinating and implementing controls.



  • CSX Specialist courses are for individuals who are established in the field of cybersecurity and would like to take their skills to the next level by pursuing in-depth, hands-on understanding of the domains and techniques that are part of their everyday work-life.





Instructor-led / Virtual Instructor-led

India: Upon Request




  • Provide students with an environment to discuss and practice methods implemented by cyber security professionals in the Identify and Protect domain. Ensure students develop into complimentary team members for enterprises who are workforce ready


Day 1:

Control Selection

LAB: Existing Control Identification

Control Implementation

LAB: New Control Insertion

Control Corroboration

LAB: Control Source Leveraging

Control Integration


Associated Topics

  • Control Flow Documentation
  • Defense in Depth
  • Testing Schedule Creation
  • Monitoring Guidelines

Day 2: 

Penetration Testing

LAB: Penetration Test

Test Plan Construction 

LAB: Controlled Testing Plan Generation

Change Verification

LAB: Change Rubric Creation

Rollout Process Development

LAB: Change Implementation Plan

Associated Topics:

  • Document Editing Procedures
  • Remediation Plan Creation
  • Test Schedule Construction
  • Assessment Determination

Day 3:

Change Management Adherence

LAB: Change Integration

Requirement Identification

LAB: Requirement Implementation

Software Testing

LAB: Software Exploitation

Vulnerability Identification and Association

Associated Topics:

  • Change Conformation
  • Stakeholder Translation
  • Patch Management
  • Fix Suggestion

Day 4:

Cyber Security Awareness Material Creation

LAB: Material Construction

Cyber Security Awareness Training Creation

LAB: Training Construction

External Organization Control Evaluation

LAB: Organizational Coordination

Feedback Implementation

LAB: Material Alteration

Associated Topics:

  • Third Party Inclusion
  • Program Creation
  • Warning E-mail Construction

Day 5:

Control Assessment

LAB: Control Change Evaluation

Authentication Assessment

LAB: Authentication Processes

Identification Assessment

LAB: Identification Methods

Incident Role Identification 

LAB: Role Definitions

Associated Topics

  • IRP Evaluation
  • Authentication Methods
  • Identification Methods
  • Incident Response

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