CSX Practitioner: Identification and Protection

////CSX Practitioner: Identification and Protection

CSX Practitioner: Identification and Protection

Course ID: CSXPIAP 5 Days

CSX Practitioner: Identification and Protection


The first course in the CSX Practitioner series focuses on key cyber security skills and includes foundational, real world instruction in the Identify and Protect domains. Topics range from preliminary network scanning to security control implementation. Through the completion of multiple lab-reinforced modules, students will learn how to apply industry-developed, experience-based methods to the identification of key networks and learn to develop appropriate protection mechanisms.

The Identify domain teaches students to recognize, assess and remediate specific internal and external network threats.

The Protect domain offers instruction in the basic concepts, methods, and tools associated with implementing cyber security controls to protect a system from the identified threats.



The Identification and Protection course is ideal for individuals in the field of cyber security who are interested in gaining hands-on technical skills.





Instructor-led / Virtual Instructor-led

Thailand: Upon Request
India: USD3,500


  • Networking Reconnaissance
  • Network and System Scanning
  • Network Topology Generation
  • Vulnerability Scanner Differentiation / Configuration
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanner Log Evaluation
  • Security Control Assessment
  • Log Analysis and Collection
  • Host Threat Transmission
  • IDS Installation, Configuration, Implementation
  • IDS Control Testing
  • IDS Control Reconfiguration
  • IDS Patching


The course provides students with an environment to discuss and practice methods implemented by cyber security professionals in the Identify and Protect domains. Students leave the course prepared to serve as complimentary team members for enterprises who are workforce ready.


Day 1:

Hardware and Software Identification and Documentation

Network Reconnaissance and Scanning

LAB: Preliminary Scanning

Sensitive Information Discovery

LAB: Additional Scanning Options

Asset Validation and Rogue Devices

LAB: Scanning From Windows

Associated Topics

  • C.I.A.
  • Active/Passive Scanning
  • Availability/Authenticity
  • Asset Classification
  • Network Devices
  • OSI Model

Day 2:

Network Topology Documentation

LAB: Specialized Linux Port Scans

Vulnerability Assessment Process

LAB: Sensitive Information Identification

Patching and Configuration Vulnerability Scanners

LAB: Network Topology Generation

Vulnerability Scanning

LAB: Vulnerability Scanner Set-up and Configuration

Vulnerability Scanning Analysis

LAB: Vulnerability Scanner Set-up and Configuration, Pt. 2

Associated Topics

  • Scanning, Enumeration, Peneration Training
  • Fingerprinting

Day 3:

Implementing Specified Cyber Security Controls

Cyber Security Procedure Execution

LAB: System Hardening

Configuring Cyber Security Controls

LAB: Firewall Setup and Configuration

Validating Configurations

Associated Topics

  • Cryptographic Controls
  • NSIT/ISO Documentation
  • Network/Host Prevention Systems
  • Internal Log Processes
  • External Documentation

Day 4:

Documenting Configuration Changes

Testing New Controls

LAB: Log Analysis

Collecting Event Data

LAB: Centralized Monitoring

Sending and Receiving Event Data

LAB: Microsoft Baseline Analyzer

Verifying the Effectiveness of Controls

Associated Topics

  • Hosts Logs
  • Activity Logs
  • Network Logs
  • Firewall Logs
  • IDS Logs
  • Encryption

Day 5:

Monitoring Controls

LAB: IDS Setup

Updating Cyber Security Controls

LAB: Personal Security Products

Patch Management

LAB: Verifying Hotfixes

Verifying Identities and Credentials

LAB: Linux Users and Groups

Cyber Security Standards and Procedures

LAB: Core Impact Vulnerability Scan

Associated Topics

  • Non-Repudiation
  • Multiple Factor Authentication
  • Information Classification
  • File System Access Control Mechanisms
  • Mobile Device Management Policy
  • Remote Access Solutions

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