Advanced Linux Administration for Experienced Windows Professionals

///Advanced Linux Administration for Experienced Windows Professionals

Advanced Linux Administration for Experienced Windows Professionals

Course ID: LA110 5 Days Singapore

Advanced Linux Administration for Experienced Windows Professionals


Advanced Linux Administration for Experienced Windows Professionals enables the student to learn the following core skills: Linux core components, OS init sequence, Run level concepts, Linux kernel, Device driver, Network configuration, Software package management, Troubleshooting tools and techniques. Prepares the student for the next level of training – Linux network services and security.



  • Experienced Windows system professionals who wish to enhance their value by gaining an additional set of skill and qualification in the fastest growing operating system in the world
  • Existing Unix system administrators who will administer Linux systems, and who needs to learn about the Linux Kernel, hardware device installation, software installation, troubleshooting and system recovery techniques and tools





Instructor-led / Virtual Instructor-led

Singapore: SGD2,250
India: USD2,000


  • Minimum 1-2 years experienced in Windows operating system in a networked environment
  • As this is not a beginner’s course, although not compulsory, students who has no prior user level Unix experience are encouraged to gain some Linux hands on experience before attending the training
  • Experienced systems administrators in Unix or Netware environment
  • Students who have attended Linux Fundamental training


  • Linux core components
  • OS init sequence
  • Run level concepts
  • Linux kernel
  • Software package management
  • Troubleshooting tools and techniques
  • Prepares the students for the next level training – Linux network services implementation and security


Module 1: Linux Operating System and Its Components

Module 2: Linux Kernel and Your Hardware

Module 3: Linux Devices

Module 4: Harddisk Partitioning and Linux File Systems

Module 5: Installation

Module 6: Organising Your System for Reliability and Performance

Module 7: Advanced File Systems and Linux RAID

Module 8: Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

Module 9: Linux Start Up Sequence

Module 10: RPM/Kickstart Automated Installation

Module 11: Backup

Module 12: Linux Processes

Module 13: Users Administrations

Module 14: System Logging

Module 15: Task Automation

Module 16: Printing

Module 17: Linux Network Configurations

Module 18: Boot Loaders

Module 19: Linux Kernel

Module 20: X Window

Module 21: Performance Analysis

Module 22: System Troubleshooting and Recovery

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